Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO: What Ranks Best?

Black hat SEO uses rule-breaking methods to get higher ranking while white hat SEO uses legitimate and real techniques to achieve higher search engine ranking. Most black hat SEO is used by fake websites. However, some people hire black hat SEO marketers and end up as victims of bad SEO. SEO Birmingham services have many credible companies with a few who are black hat SEO.

What is the major difference between black and white hat SEO?

These two differ mostly because black hat SEO doesn't care about human experience but focuses on baiting search engines for higher ranking while white hat SEO focuses on creating a good user experience that builds trust and credibility. What are the results of black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO manages to deceive search engines and the website could gain visitors but they don't stay for long. The website either loses credibility to the audience due to shoddy content or loses high ranking by google due to all the black hat SEO techniques. It even goes to an extent where a website is not only penalized but also banned.

What are the results of white hat SEO

White hat SEO is the best SEO one can invest in. The conversions of this type of SEO increases gradually as a website builds trust and a solid foundation over time. The best part is that with no penalties, one can update their SEO strategy as SEO itself grows.

And finally...

All that matters to google is relevant, user friendly content. Cutting corners will always land you in a google penalty ditch or a fallen business. In order to check credibility of various SEO Birmingham professionals, you won't have to go far. Local forums and comments tell it all. SEO is the best marketing investment that builds a long-term business foundation.